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February 21, 2018, 8:54 AM

Morning Coffee

Feb 21, 2018

As I sit to write this morning I am still processing the news of the death of Billy Graham. I have read almost every one of His books. I have listened on video to some of his greatest messages. I have read three biographies. He is to me one of the greatest men of faith in both the 20th and 21st century. His faithfulness to his Lord, his family, his country and to the world, have been on display. Never did he boast of his accomplishments but always gave the glory to God.

His celebrity was because of his faithfulness. He never used his world given power to open any door. But he used his God given power to combat the darkness and bring to a world dying in sin the good news of the gospel of Christ. I have always seen him as an example to pattern my ministry.  His ministry was one of honesty, integrity and humility, a bright light in a dark world.

I have heard and I believe that God will always have that voice. When one leaves us, another raises up to take the mantle. It is not one that comes by choice, but by calling. The power of God will be upon him and his voice will spread. In this world the light of the gospel is the only answer to our real need, a right heart with God that can only through Christ. He would start anywhere in scripture and head straight to the cross. Let us continue to lift high the banner of Christ and remember the faithful. We are blessed.

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